My story begins in rural North Dakota.  I'm a country girl at heart and grew up in the beautiful Turtle Mountains.  I remember running barefoot through prairie grass, laying on my back and watching the clouds change in the wide open sky, admiring the morning glories along our long country dirt road and jumping off of the end of the dock up at Lake Metigoshe.  

My heart still fills with child-like joy as I get to marvel at God's creation and soak in the beauty.  It always amazes me how delicately the frost coats the bare tree branches in winter and how in the new crisp white canvas of nature the colors that remain are on full display.  Most of my favorite childhood memories involve just being free to roam the outdoors.  I love to incorporate this passion for nature into my images, it provides such an authentic, beautiful backdrop.

I was called a 'tomboy' a lot growing up and didn't shy away from an adventure.  Some things never change and you will find that booking a session with me will be a fun adventure!  We will find a location that helps communicate who you are (even if we have to hike a bit to get there!), and then we will write another page in your story together!  So, it won't feel like a traditional photo session at all really, it will feel more like time well-spent; time where you get to just be you!  

I love my midwest roots and have a deep respect for the traditional values of our our hard working culture.  Family farms, small businesses and hometown teams make up the place where I call home and I'm honored when I am invited to tell the stories of my friends and neighbors from behind my lens.  

I can't wait to capture the story of your life!  I look forward to hearing from you soon! 


A few more details you may want to know~

My favorite part of photography is that it offers a chance to capture emotion. I especially enjoy photographing authentic moments of the bonds between families, couples and siblings. My hope is to create memories as well as capture them, so I want our session time to be fun! 

My goal in a typical session is to encourage a relaxed environment for moments to be captured and preserved. This means that I try to maintain a flexible 'flow' during the time we have together.  I will often direct and suggest things to do or say during the time we have together but don't often 'pose' my subjects.

If young children are a part of the session I completely understand that 'picture day' usually means that nothing will go as planned! This is absolutely ok and many times the best photos come from unplanned interactions!!  

For couples, I often inform you at the beginning of the session that you can consider this a date. I want your time to be enjoyable and a reminder of why you love each other {and possibly a chance to tell each other that too!}

If you are asking me to be a part of a special event, my main goal is to support the atmosphere of your event and to respect your schedule while I capture the moments that are occurring. I would love to meet with you before the event to cover the details so that I can hear all about your special day. If there is a rehearsal, I prefer to attend so that I can visualize and prepare.

I treat the time I spend in editing photos as time working on art. I have a B.S. Degree in Marketing from Minot State University. Advertising courses within my program sharpened composition and design skills that I now use when capturing images. The business training I received equipped me well to be the owner of my own photography business. I believe my natural love of art coupled with this business training is why I tend to ask myself if every photo I work on {whether it be in full color or grayscale} could be used in a magazine! I strive for attention to detail during my creative editing time and I treat each photo as if it will be displayed on a large wall-canvas. Photoshop CC is my current editing tool of preference. For every session I creatively edit a color as well as a black and white digital file of each contracted photo.

The art and skill of photography is a lifelong journey of discovery. I am glad to be a part of this journey and I am a proud member of the New York Institute of Photography, as well as Professional Photographers of America.

Member, Professional Photographers of America