When should I schedule my session? 

Permitting I have the date available, you can schedule your session any time you want to, even if it's a year in advance! Keep in mind, the best times of the day for outdoor sessions are a few hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset.  That is unless it’s an overcast day~those are actually perfect for photography!   

 When do you take payments? 

Once your session date has been set, I will send you an invoice that is payable before we begin our session together.  If you are ordering your prints and products in addition to our session, you may also request a payment plan option.

 What equipment do you use? 

My current camera bodies are Canon’s 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III.  I also use Canon’s top quality lenses to ensure that I have the opportunity to get the shot I want, even in difficult shooting conditions. I may use one of my flash units as ‘fill flash’ for our time together to help soften dark shadows that might be present (even on a sunny day!) If we need to do indoor work, I will most likely have some light softboxes set up to provide the light the camera needs to capture the image properly.  I always make sure to have memory cards and batteries ready so that we can jump right in to making great photos!  

 Why do you edit and what editing software do you use? 

I enjoy using Photoshop on every photo I edit. I shoot in a 'raw' format....which is like a digital “negative”. This means each image has a data file that contains all the information of a photo but it needs to be tweaked to create the final product.  This requires adjustments to brightness, contrast and saturation for every file. After I do these initial edits, I spend time touching up each photo. I focus specifically on touch ups to faces and also removing distracting elements, when possible. I treat each image as if it will be displayed prominantly in a home. This means I spend a good amount of time playing with color and soft effects in order to apply my style in a way that captures the emotion and reality of the moment the photo was taken.  All of this process takes time, so that is also why I won‘t be able to deliver the images to you right after our session. {Although I do try to edit a couple of images right away to post as sneakpeeks on Facebook because I know how hard it is to wait to see them!} 

 What happens if it rains the day of our shoot?

If it rains on the day of your shoot, we can reschedule for another open day on my calendar. Alternatively, we can move your session to an indoor location so we don't have to mess with bad weather. If it's just a little gloomy, we can often still shoot outdoors without a problem. In fact, cloud coverage makes for some gorgeous photographs!

 What happens if my child freaks out? 

This is a completely normal fear and I understand! Kids are unpredictable and sometimes a temper tantrum is inevitable. When this happens, we will simply take a little break, allow you to calm your child down by talking/feeding/playing and then take the appropriate steps to easing back into the session. I will never force photos or send you on your way. That's a promise!

 Can I share the photos on social media? 

Of course. I love it when people exhibit photographs I have taken.  
I just ask that you don't crop out my logo and that you link to my webpage or tag my Facebook page. Also, please remember that these are finished products so do not apply filters or alter the work I have already done as it represents my style and displays it for future clients as well.  Thanks!

 Do you ever schedule mini sessions? 

Serenity Richard Photography hosts occasional mini session dates throughout the year and I'd love to have you sign up for one! I typically offer holiday mini sessions, which make for great holiday greeting cards. Stay up to date by "following" Serenity Richard Photography on Facebook.

 Can I get ALL of my images? 

Depending on the package you select, I will go through the numerous shots we will take in the day and select the best photographs to fulfill our contracted amount of photos.  This selection process involves narrowing down the images using composition (how elements in the photo are arranged), lighting, and facial expressions as determining factors. If there is a specific shot that you remember taking that is not included most likely it did not make the ‘cut’ but you can still make a request for that specific photo.  An additional charge for editing time will apply. All the images are copyrighted to Serenity Richard Photography.  You will receive a printing release for your contracted photos so you may enjoy displaying them in your home and on your favorite share sites!

 Do you offer newborn sessions? 

Yes, a newborn session with me will have more of a documentary, lifestyle photography feel.  I encourage moms, dads & siblings to be a part of being close to the new baby by holding, snuggling or ‘being the backdrop.’ This puts the emphasis of the session on the close bonds of a family. This can either be a session set up at my in-home studio or in the comfort of your own home shortly after you have welcomed your little one into the world.  If you know your due date feel free to schedule your session now to be able to capture the precious ‘newness’ of your sweet baby.  

 I love my photos but can you switch a few backgrounds...and swap facial expressions? 

In order to exchange backgrounds or swap facial expressions between two photos the elements (positions of faces, bodies & backgrounds, lighting, coloring, etc...) of each photo would need to be nearly identical in order to make the change look realistic.  At this time, I do not specialize in creating composite images (blending two or more images together in Photoshop). 

 What size can I print my photos in? 

When you order off of my website, you will be able to see “best fit” sizes for each of the images you select from your gallery.  This means, if you want all of your image to be displayed in a print, select from one of the “best fit” options.  You may also order in any of the other print sizes available but some cropping may be required. If you think of your digital image as a piece of paper this will help you visualize the need for cropping.  Each print size listed would trim off portions of the ‘paper.’ You will be able to preview what would be cropped out.  I review all orders to make sure the image will look great for you and I will contact you if I believe a crop should be adjusted before your order is fulfilled. 

 Can you reshoot my session? 

Yes, but it will be treated as a new paid session with a new contract unless the reason for the request is because of photographic equipment error on my part. Please select an available date from my calendar and fill out a new session request. 

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