Let's Capture the Story of Your Life!  

I know it can be a bit overwhelming thinking of planning a 'photo session' so my goal is to walk us through the process and make it a lot of fun too!  We will set the details together and then I will send you a link to a contract, to fill out online, that will complete our booking.  

Click Here to send me these fun details and we will get started! 

1. What Part of Your Story Do You Want to Capture? 

  • Preparing for Graduation {1.5 Hours or 3 Hours}
  • Celebrating a Marriage {4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hours, 12 Hours}
  • Welcoming a New Baby {1.5 Hours or 3 Hours}
  • Adventuring through Childhood {1 Hour or 2 Hours}
  • Spending Time Together With Family Doing Things You Love {1 Hour or more for Immediate Family or 1.5 Hours or more for Extended Family}

2. Where Do You Feel This Story Would Best Be Told?

  • Your home and yard
  • A nearby park, river, historical site, old building or farm site that you have access to 
  • Your favorite places around town

3. What Details Should We Include?

  • Items that help tell the story
  • Clothing that fits you well and captures your personality
  • Accessories that you can add or leave out to add variety to your story's images

4.  How does My Story Unfold?

  • For every hour that we spend capturing moments from your life there will be many more hours devoted to making these moments beautiful keepsakes.  Each hour will result in 25 edited images that you will receive on a USB along with a print release that grants you permission to use and enjoy them for personal use.  
  • You will also receive a photo story containing highlights from your session!  {The size and style will be dependent upon the number of hours you reserve.}